Savannah Isabel
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
By Lozano Studio

Savannah Isabel

We had the awesome opportunity to capture this young lady's quinceañera celebration late last year. Like all of the quinces that we have worked with, this one was unique and special in its own way. The quinceañera's parents went all out for this special event – of course they would! Savannah is their only child. The attention to detail was impeccable in every sense possible from the dress, to the cake, and not to mention the presentation! 

In the Latino community, quinceañera celebrations mark a transition period from a girl to a young woman. This is a tradition that has been held close to our culture for many years! And throughout time, this celebration continues to grow and evolve according to certain trends. One of the trends now being, a quinceañera and her family usually choose a theme for their daughter’s celebration. And for Savannah, choosing a theme was easy – given that her love for music and dance is so profound. Her and her family chose a ballet-inspired theme. This is something that really caught my attention since never had I seen such a unique and beautiful theme.

Savannah was three years old when she first fell in love with the idea of having a quinceañera celebration. My team, Lozano Studio (back then we were called Video Arte) was the official photographer and video crew for a TRIPLE quinceañera. These three quinces were Savannah's cousins and little Savannah was a "paje" at this party. She constantly kept looking at her cousin's big, beautiful dresses, looked up to her mother and expressed that she too wanted a dress as such. 

"Only Quinceañeras get to wear these dresses,” her mother explained. 

Little Savannah kept insisting and insisting throughout the celebration and even the next day during the after-party. Her mother then made a deal with her.

"One day, if you are a good girl, you will have a quince celebration and will be able to wear a beautiful big dress like your cousins." These words clearly stayed on Savannah's mind because every birthday celebration after that, she counted the years until she would be able to wear a quince dress. The day finally came! And Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez, along with all of Savannah's family members and friends held a beautiful quince celebration. 

“Celebrating a quinceañera is not just about hosting a party – but it is an act of thanksgiving towards God. I want you to know that whatever life throws at you, you will always have your family to count on. But I pray that every step you take along the way, may you take it with God by your side.”

These are some of the core values that her parents have instilled in Savannah throughout the years – the true meaning of a quinceañera. 

There were many fun and exciting moments that happened throughout the celebration. But for Savannah, she says that the moment she would relive again, if she could, would be her presentation – specifically the surprise dance with her friends. She also states that she would love to relive the very last two songs of her party because she loved how most of the family were in a circle, dancing around her. Savannah danced, sang, and performed the very last song at her party. She looked extremely happy! 

Thank you for allowing us to capture every single moment of your special day Savannah! :-)

- Nino Lozano


Vendor Credits 

  • Hall: Sans Souci Ballroom
  • Cake: Sans Souci Ballroom
  • Dress:  The Princess Bridal Boutique
  • Photo/Video: Lozano Studio
  • Hair & Makeup: Naty’s Hair Salon
  • Flowers: HEB/ Centerpieces arranged by mother, aunts and cousins
  • Decorations: All special decorations were handmade by mother, aunts and cousins.


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